Question by special ed’s sock puppet: Has anyone in here ever used a Garmin GPS with an FM transmitter in it?
I plan on buying a Garmin GPS here in the near future but I keep reading on how the Garmin GPS FM transmitter has very low power and is almost useless. Is this true? I would really like to have an FM transmitter on my new GPS and Garmin is the name I want but is the transmitter on these units really useless? Thanks.

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Answer by HDN
It’s not useless, but some people don’t understand what it does and are disappointed after they get it.

First of all, it sends the GPS traffic directions through the FM radio, but you have to tune your radio to the GPS channel, meaning you can’t listen to FM or music. Some people think that you can stay on music, and when the GPS has something to say, it speaks over the music. That is not true. You get music, or GPS, but not both at the same time.

Second, the transmitter is usually not weak, but you need an empty channel in your area for it to be clear. In some cities, there are so many radio stations that it is hard to find an empty clear channel, so you get interference. I don’t think it’s a bad problem though.

I don’t think it is useless, but I don’t see a big need for it, unless your GPS speaker is so weak, and you are hard of hearing – then going through the FM is a good idea, as your car speakers are usually a lot more powerful.

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